Wellness Treatment


By combining advanced modern technology with traditional curative procedures, optimal results can be achieved for various ovarian related complications. It uses natural remedies that balances hormones while increasing your natural immune system. This treatment is highly effective in enriching the biological system and enhancing your general wellbeing for a healthy and youthful appearance. 


  1. Assists with irregular periods
  2. Eliminates accumulated toxins and inflammation in the womb
  3. Controls abnormal vaginal discharge and blood clot
  4. Enhances womb wellness and boosting fertility
  5. Minimizes genitourinary discomforts in aging women
  6. Prevents uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and other uterine diseases

The Trident Magnetic Massager contains strong magnetic energy that naturally improves blood circulation, thus eliminating physical and mental fatigue, edema and lymphatic obstruction that causes inflammation and swelling. It is also effective in dilating bold capillaries which enchances the flow of blood and nutrients hence promoting metabolism and strenghthens your immune system.


  1. Helps dredge body’s meridien system
  2. Eliminates decomposed fat
  3. Increases and strengthens blood circulation
  4. Enhancement of tissue functions
  5. Enhances body fitness
  6. Stimulates movement of lymphatic fluid
  7. Enhances immune system and metabolism